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Remote User
Resources provides private data and tools for people on the go.

You need these services if:

When away from your PC, you need access to your information
When at your home or office PC you have sensitive information to safeguard
You need to keep confidential information that is only accessible to you
You need to get and send email discretely or on the road
You don't want free services that advertise and sell your information
We provide personal tools and resources that are available no matter where you are. You can go to a public library, an internet cafe, or use computers at your client's office to access your information. Our services give you 2 important benefits: PRIVACY and CONVENIENCE!

Password protected Private and convenient
No selling, or renting your address No ads - these are YOUR pages

email client - to get your mail from wherever you are and to send mail from anywhere you go.

personal database for your links, your email addresses, passwords, notes, and whatever information you might need.

personal email - privacy for those emails you don't want in your office or home computer.

private message center - privacy for small groups of investors or special interest teams needing to post messages for each other.

Even if you are not traveling, you will have a place where your data is sacred and unavailable to your boss, family members, or anyone else. For example, at work, you may not want to process personal email or to keep personal links on the company PC.  Someone is always smart enough or nosy enough to find personal information.

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1. email Client
You have one or more email accounts - just want to read and reply from anywhere.  $35.00
a year

2. email Account + email client
You want a private email account at with no ads and total privacy  ( plus email client $50.00
a year

3. Personal Database
You want a database that is accessible from anywhere to keep information, links, email addresses, notes, etc. $60.00
a year

4. Private Message Center
Share messages with a special group of people in privacy with a password protected message center. This is a private message board. $60.00
a year

5. Special Discount
For a limited time, if you order the Personal Database (item 3) we will give you item 2 for free! You get the email client, email account, and personal database for only $60.00 a year! That is a savings of $50.00! $60.00
a year

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