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How it Works:


email is accessed using your login and password. Your account at and other email accounts can be set up by you for reading and sending emails. The look is similar to to other email clients that run on your PC. Of course, this email client runs in our servers and is accessible from any computer that has internet access.

Every email account that you have is typically a POP (Post Office Protocol) mail server that delivers mail to an email client based on a login, password, and server name. As an example, would have an account with the prodigy mail server something like this:

Login: doda   Password: dodaiskewl   Server:

In setting up a client to read mail for doda, the above information identifies the person, his password, and the server that acts like a post office for his mail.

What we provide is the email client to read your mail from one or more POP accounts that you have, and to reply or send new mail. If you have an email account with, you can access it as well.

email Features:
- address book for your important email contacts
- junk mail filtering
- auto save address from incoming mail
- leave mail in server or delete mail from server options
- file attachments for reading and sending
- Mime compliance
- multiple POPs (you can get mail from more than one account)

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  Personal Database

A Personal Database is a password protected, PHP and MySQL driven database system for storing information that is important to you. You can keep your email addresses, links, notes, and other information types in it.

A personal database allows you to access important information from home, the office, or wherever else you might be. Keep links to important sites, project notes, important dates, appointments, addresses, telephones, etc. Your data is password protected and inaccessible to prying eyes.

Personal Database Features:
- 5 data categories (Personal, Friends, Business, Others, Notes)
- add records
- edit records
- delete records
- hot linked fields (email and links)
- fast and reliable real database  (MySQL)
- free form so that unused fields are not displayed

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  Private Message Center

A Private Message Center is essentially a private message board. It is suitable for small groups that want a private location to post messages to each other, and to discuss plans and ideas, such as investment strategies, projects, or sales campaigns.

To use the Private Message Center, you need to know where it is, and the login and password once you get there. We have set these up for Japanese investment clubs, sales managers located in different geographic areas, and other small groups that need private communications in a 'for members only' environment.

The members log in using a global login and password. The manager sets the password and informs the members, or it can be set up with individual passwords for each member.

Private Message Center Features
- multiple subjects
- easy administration
- email replies and/or postings options
- full edit/delete

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  Custom Databases

We can create a custom database for any purpose with the fields you require and the searching and sorting features you need.

If your sales team or other group needs a specialized database, let us know.
Send us an email to

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